Re-connecting IDoori with their audience through consistent and unique brand identity & campaigns

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To develop a consistent brand guidelines that could resonate the brand promise and increase brand recall for current and future products.



A modern and consistent brand that tells the brand story and creates an edge over the rest of the competition, leading to 17% growth in end-of-year.

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Reviewing the insights


We explore the market and had key one-on-one interview with customers to understand their perspective and their current thoughts about the brand. We realised that with the growing key competitors price and loyalty was on of the key factors affecting retention. We also realised the emotional benefit of what good health could bring is more important than the tangible benefit of good health.

The Re-positioning Strategy


After a competitor analysis, we decided to focus the new brand positioning away from just the health benefits but rather what these health benefits could bring. This created the new brand promise of “Increasing your quality of life, naturally”.

Visual expression


With the new brand promise we now expressed the new promise by creating guidelines on the colours, imagery, fonts. We also created 2 pillars to focus communication materials. Express quality of life and showcasing the product focusing on natural ingredients

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IDooRi’s had no consistent brand promise and messaging. As a results, people were unclear about who IDooRi was. Current customers were referring them as the product of black raspberry vinegar sellers instead of the brand name. This was problematic as there was no scalability to extend product line or increase brand value.

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