Their Story

If you’ve heard of Cold Pressed Natural Korean Black Raspberry, and Aronia Extract Juice or Vinegar, it is most likely from the brand, IDooRi.

IDooRi is an online shopping network that focuses on selling natural healthy products that are value-for-money. The items listed are from both their in-house brand (which features their core products), and outside vendors.


IDooRi approached us due to its inability to leave a deep impression on consumers’ minds. This was attributed to its over-generalised target market and unique selling point, causing it to be known as “the seller of black raspberry vinegar”, and other similar generic terms. This generalised strategy came hand-in-hand with inconsistent branding. As a result, IDooRi faced difficulties in expanding their core product line and in increasing their brand value — especially when faced with competitors who have strong customer loyalty and better pricing.


A focused strategy with a concise target market was used to increase the brand recall of customers, customer retention rate, number of scalable sales channels and new markets, and to differentiate it from its competitors. This, coupled with a visual identity that matched its overall branding, was used to improve the overall consistency of IDooRi’s branding.

A broad target market made creating an impactful brand message that resonated deeply with consumers difficult. This made narrowing the target market the best move. After reviewing the possible groups, we decided that targeting a family-oriented group, which deals with health concerns (like diabetes or obesity), would be best for IDooRi. This narrow focus would allow IDooRi to differentiate itself from its competitors, allowing it to stand out.

Tackling the problem of of promoting generic health benefits — that failed to leave a deep impression — we recommended IDoori to focus on the emotional benefits of its products in its advertising campaigns. Through this, the benefits of using IDooRi’s core products will not be muddled with that of its competitors, increasing the chances of brand recall.

The next step to having a consistent branding was improving its visual identity. We wanted IDooRi to maintain its air of professionalism to match its premium offerings. As a guideline, a healthy and attractive green colour scheme, that best represents freshness and health, was to be featured, keeping it inline with the brand’s message.  

As a final touch that would boost IDooRi’s scalability and reduce any possible limitations, we wanted to highlight the trading company behind it: LJ Global. To achieve this — albeit a small detail — we will incorporate the logo of LJ Global onto IDooRi’s products’ packaging. Through this, the LJ Global brand has another avenue to reach out to potential customers, increasing IDooRi’s sales channels and enabling it to enter new markets.


17% growth due to a consistent branding with a focused strategy, creating an edge over its competition.

Reviewing the insights

We explored the market and had key one-on-one interviews with customers to understand their perspectives and their current thoughts about the brand. We realised that the growing price competitiveness of competitors and their growing brand loyalty were key factors affecting retention. We also realised that conveying the emotional benefit of what good health could bring is more important than conveying the tangible benefit of good health itself.

The Re-positioning Strategy

After a competitor analysis, we decided to focus the new brand positioning away from just the health benefits but rather towards what these health benefits could bring. This created the new brand promise of “Increasing your quality of life, naturally”.

Visual expression

With the new brand promise, we now expressed the new promise by creating guidelines on the colours, imagery, and fonts to be used. We also created 2 pillars to focus communication materials: through focusing on quality of life, and showcasing the products by focusing on their natural ingredients.

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