Their Story

Soh Clan, an esteemed organization of Chinese individuals sharing the family linear age, boasts a long and storied history rooted in tradition and community ties. However, their online presence has lagged behind, with an outdated website failing to effectively represent their heritage and engage with modern audiences.



The challenge facing Soh Clan lay in modernizing their digital footprint while preserving their rich cultural heritage. Their current website’s outdated design and lack of functionality hindered communication, community engagement, and the attraction of younger members.



To address these challenges, we proposed a comprehensive redesign of Soh Clan’s website. Our solution involved marrying traditional elements with modern design principles to create a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. Through collaboration with clan leaders and members, we ensured that the new website honored their heritage while offering enhanced functionality and accessibility.



The launch of the redesigned website marked a significant milestone for Soh Clan. The updated platform facilitated improved communication, increased community engagement, and attracted a younger audience. The intuitive design and enhanced features contributed to a surge in website traffic and member interaction, revitalizing Soh Clan’s online presence and strengthening their sense of identity and unity.


This transformation not only modernized their digital presence but also reaffirmed Soh Clan’s position as a cultural cornerstone within the Chinese community.

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