Their Story

Food Industry Asia (FIA) is a renowned organization dedicated to conveying vital information to industries and the public sector across the Asia Pacific region. Their work spans the development and deployment of science-based policies and regulations, focusing on smart regulation and safe food, health, nutrition, innovation, and sustainable supply chains. In 2020, FIA organized a forum dialogue for the food industries in Southeast Asia, aiming to foster collaboration and address critical challenges facing the sector.


Organizing a forum dialogue presented several challenges for FIA. One major challenge was creating a platform that would facilitate meaningful discussions and engagement among stakeholders. Additionally, ensuring accessibility and participation from a diverse range of industry representatives across Southeast Asia was crucial. Furthermore, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, transitioning the event to a virtual format posed logistical and technical challenges.


To address these challenges, our team worked closely with FIA to develop a comprehensive solution. We designed a user-friendly website dedicated to the forum dialogue, featuring interactive features such as live chat, discussion boards, and virtual breakout rooms to facilitate engagement among participants. The website was optimized for accessibility across different devices and regions, ensuring seamless participation from stakeholders across Southeast Asia. Additionally, robust security measures were implemented to protect sensitive information and maintain the integrity of the event.


The launch of the website for the forum dialogue yielded significant results for FIA and its stakeholders. The interactive platform fostered meaningful discussions and collaboration among industry representatives, leading to valuable insights and solutions to critical challenges facing the food sector in Southeast Asia. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual format allowed for broader participation and engagement, enabling stakeholders from across the region to contribute to the dialogue. Overall, the website played a pivotal role in facilitating the success of the forum dialogue and advancing FIA’s mission of promoting science-based policies and regulations in the Asia Pacific region.

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